We're in Boston for the Democratic convention!

Bill Clinton gave a great speech and according to our spies on the ground left many people wishing he was running again. Sen. Clinton introduced her husband. Oddly she isn't referring to him as her husband, but as Chelsea's father. I'll never understand that relationship.

Ben Affleck (search) apparently has a thing for the Kerry girls. He said something about Vanessa reminding him of a milkman's daughter, or something goofy like that. I think any pickup line Affleck uses normally works, which explains why that one is so lame. Vanessa was on our program a week ago and is a really sharp woman. She should be used out on the campaign trail as often as possible. Smart, succinct, informed.

Speaking of informed, Al Gore (search) attempted to cloud the Al Qaeda-Iraq issue again Monday night in his speech. To clarify... there WERE numerous contacts over many years between Al Qaeda operatives and Iraq. There was NOT any indication that Iraq took part in the attacks on Sept. 11. Iraq and Al Qaeda DID share a mutual hatred of the West in general and America in particular. Please read the Sept. 11 commission report. Do not just read the executive summary. Do not just read the 40 recommendations.

[To read the full report, click here. To read an executive summary of the report, click here. Adobe Acrobat is required to read both pdf documents.]

You must understand the most important issue facing our country and reading the entire report will help you in that endeavor. Skip the footnotes if you must. The report is well sourced and thorough.

Brian heads to Boston Tuesday. Steve is returning to New York. He reports that our “FOX & Friends” conference room is a bathroom... no joke. Terry McAuliffe was kind to invite Steve to a big party yesterday with Clinton, Kennedy and Kerry. Steve wasn't able to attend but our producers did. They said it was impossible to get near the big shots and the cash bar charged $7 per drink. I'm not sure how they are going to expense that, but we get really creative here!


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