Bremer Denounces Assassination

The U.S. governor of Iraq condemned Monday's assassination of the Iraqi Governing Council (search) president as "vile act" and vowed to defeat the forces responsible.

Abdel-Zahraa Othman, also known as Izzadine Saleem (search), was killed along with five others when a car bomb exploded as his convoy was preparing to enter the U.S.-controlled green zone.

In a statement, L. Paul Bremer (search), the U.S. administrator of Iraq, called the killing a "shocking and tragic loss."

"He strove for the downfall of the former regime and the birth of a democratic Iraq," he said. "He returned to Iraq after its liberation and continued to serve his country, making an enormous contribution to the work of the Governing Council.

"The terrorists who are seeking to destroy Iraq have struck a cruel blow with this vile act today," he said. "But they will be defeated...The Iraqi people will ensure that his vision of a democratic, free and prosperous Iraq will become a reality."