Breaking Point: Sexual Broadcasting

Sunday, June 27 at 9 p.m ET and 12 a.m. ET
Hosted by Greta Van Susteren

The impact of Janet Jackson's (search) "wardrobe malfunction" during last January's Super Bowl is still being felt five months later.

Legislators are now proposing stricter boundaries on what can and cannot be broadcast on TV and radio, and some lawmakers want to go even further by legislating rules for cable.

Have TV and radio shows become so sexually explicit and violent that the government needs to step in to protect the public from tuning in?

Or is this new government mandate an act of censorship that violates First Amendment (search) freedoms?

"Breaking Point" talks to the people at the heart of the controversy.

Do the folks behind "Sex and the City" think they’ve pushed the envelope too far? Can an Internet pornographer be blamed for a teenager's sex addiction? And how did an angry parent get one of the most popular radio shock jocks kicked off the air?

We will also offer some real solutions for families...

A warning to parents: many of the video examples shown in this hour are not suitable for children.

"Sexual Broadcasting" is another in an important series of investigative documentaries brought to you by the staff of the Fox News Channel. Don't miss it!