'Brat Camp' Grad Charged in Speedboat Accident

One of the "Brat Camp" (search) kids reverted to form last week — and is now charged with seriously injuring a Boston family in a speedboat accident.

Jada Chabot (search), 15, who is one of nine troublemakers on the hit reality series "Brat Camp," was driving the boat when it slammed into an inflatable craft on a lake, sending two sisters to the hospital.

"I thought we were all gonna die," said Agenor Moraes, the injured girls' father, when he saw Chabot's boat speeding toward his family.

The "Brat Camp" grad was dragging her boyfriend behind the boat on a knee board at the time.

"She was looking at the guy she was pulling around," said Moraes. "He yelled at her to watch, but she just kept looking at him."

"This is the biggest shock of my life," Chabot told a reporter for the Boston Herald in an interview outside her parents' lakefront home. "I could have killed seven people. I feel so embarrassed just walking around town."

Police charged Chabot with, among other things, negligent operation of a boat.

Jada is described on the show as a "compulsive liar who is always making excuses."

"She has dropped out of two boarding schools and nine private schools in the last six years," says the show's Web site. "Instead of going to school, she throws parties and experiments with sex, drugs and alcohol."

She is one of a group of hard-to-discipline kids who were put into a wilderness survival program intended to break them down and solve their problems.

The show was taped over the winter in Oregon.

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