Brando's Will Offers Window Into Actor's Life

Marlon Brando (search) has 10 living children and his $21.6 million estate includes his Beverly Hills home, according to his will.

Brando's assets included $18.6 million in real estate and $3 million in personal property, according to the will, which does not specify how the estate will be split.

The iconic Oscar-winning actor died of lung failure at age 80 on July 1.

The will was filed Friday in Superior Court.

Brando said in the will that he was not married.

His living children are identified in the will as Christian, 46; Miko, 43; Teihotu, 41; Rebecca Brando Kotlinzky, 38; Petra Brando-Corval, 32; Maimiti, 28; Raiatua, 23; Nina Priscilla, 15; Myles Jonathan, 12; and Timothy Gahan, 10.

He identified his former maid, Maria Christina Ruiz (search), as the mother of his three youngest children. She was appointed their guardian. Ruiz filed a $100 million breach-of-contract suit against Brando but settled out of court.

Petra Brando-Corval was adopted and is not a beneficiary of the will. She was the child of Brando's former personal assistant, Caroline Barrett, who sued the actor after a dispute over a $185,000 loan. Another daughter, Cheyenne, committed suicide in 1995.