There are certain designers I count on for key pieces in my wardrobe- J. Brand and Joe's for jeans, Theory for slacks, DVF and Robert Rodriguez for dresses, and Tse and Vince for sweaters (just to name a few). But I'm ALWAYS looking for fresh new designers to spice up those key pieces in my closet.

I'm still not sure how Bradley Scott and I connected, but somehow photos of his Spring 2008 line landed in my inbox. Immediately I was intrigued. The collection was different somehow- modern yet sophisticated, sexy but classy.

Bradley and I met and spoke about his line. He's adorable- young and enthusiastic and very clear about his vision. I find that in an industry where young designers seem to be clamoring to be the edgiest, and most fashion forward (designing for the Lindsay Lohan's of the world), Bradley seems to understand what real woman want- pretty, sophisticated, wearable clothes that are special but affordable.

When I asked Bradley to tell me what makes his line different, he described it as a potential one- stop shopping experience. The line is very well merchandised. Translation: all the styles work well together. Many women tell me they hate buying a shirt and skirt that match, but don't work with the rest of their wardrobe. Bradley's got that covered!

Before you mistake this line as strictly functional, the fabrics and silhouettes are beautiful. Soft and feminine, the pieces will work well for both work and evening affairs. Bradley says he knows "his girl" needs a wardrobe with variety and that unique "wow" factor. This is not as easy as it sounds. I think it's hard for women sometimes to look stylish without looking too trendy and to avoid looking like a carbon copy of every other woman out there. Bradley's styles are unique, wearable, stylish and definitely will add something special to your wardrobe.

Check out Bradley's website at http://bradleyscott.com/, and for more style tips and advice head to http://fncimag.com.