A 1-year-old U.K. boy has a rare condition that puts him at risk for a stroke, cancer or bleeding if he should fall down and bump or bruise himself, London’s Daily Mail reported.

Max Braybook has Wiskott Aldrich syndrome, and since he has just started walking, his mother has to keep a close watch on him.

Wiskott Aldrich syndrome usually occurs in boys. The disease means Max’s blood platelets are unusually small and do not function properly. A bump or bruise could cause severe bleeding in Max. Those with the condition often develop severe rashes, eczema or constant infections.

Max’s family is hoping a bone marrow condition will cure their son, but Max’s three sisters are not a match for him.

"Until then, we have to live with this unpredictable condition, and the risk of infections, strokes, malignancies including leukemia, and bleeding caused by typical knocks and bangs," said Max’s mother, Jacqui.

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