Young Josh Jones was excited for his best friend Miles, a toy poodle, to receive a new haircut at the groomer. In a horrible turn of events, though, the dog never came home.

When Jones’ cousin arrived to pick up the dog Friday afternoon at Pet’s Choice in Parma, Ohio, groomers nervously told her the dog was dead, according to MyFOXNational. The dog had “fried to death” in the blow-dryer.

“The groomer left the dog in the drying cage and left… didn’t tell anybody,” Pet’s Choice owner Jim Detlich told MyFoxNational. The dog was in the blow-dryer for almost an hour, much longer than the standard 10 to 15 minutes.

Jones’ mother, Narsina, was horrified. She said the boy and dog were “inseparable.”

"We told him, of course, we'll get him a new dog, but for him to accept it is really hard. And that's what hurts the most," Narsina told MyFOXNational.

Authorities said that Ashley Weaver, 22, has been charged with animal cruelty, and is expected in court this week. She has been fired from Pet’s Choice.

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