Boyfriend's Roommate: Caylee's Mom a Good Parent But Lies

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Casey Anthony seemed like a "great girl" and a good mother – but was also prone to lies – a friend of Anthony’s boyfriend told FOX News’ Greta Van Susteren.

The friend, Clint House, said he met Anthony in late May at a party and later got to know her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Now, with Caylee missing and police struggling to figure out what happened to the girl, Casey Anthony, 22, remains in jail on $500,000 bond charged with child neglect and lying to authorities. Police accuse Anthony of waiting weeks to report her daughter missing and they have expressed frustration that she hasn’t been more helpful in finding the girl.

House described Anthony to FOX News as a typical parent who had great relationship with Caylee.

“She seemed like she was a very good mother to her,” House said, explaining that Anthony would scold Caylee sometimes, but nothing serious.

House said he met Anthony on May 24 at a party that he and his roommate were throwing for a friend. The roommate had met Anthony on Facebook and invited her to the party, House said.

"She seemed like she was a great girl," House said, adding that he joked his roommate should "wife her up."

House soon met Caylee, whom he described as the "most precious little girl I’ve ever seen."

"When she would be in the room, she lit the room up," he said.

House was shocked when news broke that Caylee was missing and that her mother had been arrested, though he also said Anthony had lied to them by saying she worked for Universal Studios. He also grew skeptical of other things she had said, such as her plans to go back to school.

Anthony increasingly had spent the night with House’s roommate and would say that Caylee was staying with the girl’s grandparents. House moved out of his roommate’s apartment on July 1 and hasn’t seen Anthony since.