The governor of Alabama and the mother of Natalee Holloway Tuesday called on Americans to boycott Aruba.

Don't go there on vacation, don't buy airline tickets there, don't rent hotel rooms there, don't go to Carlos and Charlie's. Just say no, to borrow a phrase.

I'm with the governor and Beth Holloway Twitty.

The Aruban authorities and the government of the Netherlands have acted as though Beth Holloway lost a camera in Aruba, not a daughter.

Over and over the attitude has been: "What do you want us to do? We just don't have any evidence."

And yet, as the evidence leaks out, it seems more and more likely that the van der Sloot boy and the Kalpoe brothers did something and somebody ought to be charged — if for no other reason than to squeeze one or more of this slimy threesome.

These three seem to have made sport of picking up the American tourist girls and treating their encounters as no more than harvesting fruit hanging from trees.

But unlike the run-of-the-mill amorous or lusty encounter, something went wrong with this one and young Natalee appears to no longer be breathing.

In most places, that fact is a trip wire for an arrest.

Ok young man, what exactly happened?

Instead we get the son of a judge gaming the system and two brothers annoyed they are being bothered about a dead girl they bragged about having group sex with and may have been the last living people who saw her alive.

And they walk around breathing free air.

Ok, Aruba says it is stuck, can't move forward.


Me too. I'm stuck here. Can't get on that plane to Aruba. Funny my feet seem to find my way to a plane that goes somewhere else.

Let's see if Aruba can do without American tourists.

It's the least her fellow Americans can do for Natalee Holloway. If the Arubans are going to dance around the issue, tank the investigation and shine on the mom and family, Natalee's fellow Americans can just say no when it comes to visiting Aruba.

All those in favor of boycotting Aruba write to me at myword@foxnews.com.

Those of you who say you will still go, write to tell me how anybody is going to manage to pressure Aruba if the Arubans still have your dollars in their pockets.

That's My Word.

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