Eleven-year-old Abdullah Quraan almost became the youngest bomber used by an armed Palestinian (search) group.

But this boy didn't know what he was being asked to do.

"A yellow school bus from the kindergarten pulled up to the check point and a man got out. He started teasing me, then he asked me to carry two bags. He said they were car parts. He said, 'You have to pass through the checkpoint and give them to an old woman waiting in a Subaru car on the other side,'" Quraan said.

The bag never made it to the other side. The Israeli bomb squad (search) got to it first.

Inside there were no car parts, but a 22-pound bomb made of bolts and bullets. The bomb, set to go off by remote control using a mobile phone, was discovered by a soldier who checked the boy's bags. The phone rang, but the trigger failed.

Quraan was paid the equivalent of $1.25 to carry the bag. He lives in a nearby refugee camp in Nablus and works as a porter at the checkpoint to help his family. He was back in school Tuesday released by Israeli soldiers after they realized he didn't know he was being used.

Click here for a report by Fox News' Jennifer Griffin.