Boy, 9, Recovers After Decapitation Separates Skull From Neck

A 9-year-old Texas boy has almost fully recovered after suffering an orthopedic decapitation in a car accident 3 months ago, reported Monday.

Jordan Taylor had a 1-2 percent chance of surviving this type of injury, which occurred when his skull separated from his neck. His spinal cord remained intact, however.

“I just kept screaming,” Jordan’s mom, Stacey Perez told “I just wanted him to wake up.”

Perez was driving when a dump truck plowed into her car after running a stop sign, authorities said. Although Jordan was buckled up in the back seat, the impact was too much.

“The energy basically made his head lift up off his neck, and then move forward,” said Dr. Richard Roberts of Cook Childrens’ Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, the pediatric neurosurgeon that saved Jordan’s life.

“All of the connective tissue that essentially keeps your head connected to your neck was destroyed,” Roberts said.

Doctors reattached Jordan’s skull with a metal plate and titanium rods. His head was stabilized by a “halo” or carbon fiber ring that is screwed to his skull and attached to a vest.

Perez said Jordan surprised everyone by regaining his speech and walking without the help of a walker. He will return to school after Christmas break.

“As far as I’m concerned, he has a full recovery – he is neurologically intact,” Roberts said. “He walks – that’s one of the biggest things. He isn’t weak and is active, it’s amazing. He also has youth on his side. Being young, he has better tissue than someone who is 60 or 70.”

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