Boy, 7, Facing Grand Theft Auto Charges Now Accused of Beating Up Grandma at Wal-Mart

A 7-year-old South Florida boy facing grand theft auto charges is now accused of beating up his grandmother at a Wal-Mart after a dispute over chicken wings.

Vikkita Stratford told WPBF-TV in Palm Beach, Fla., that her grandson beat her up Monday after he ordered chicken wings without her permission at a Lake Park Wal-Mart.

""He just started hitting me — just started hitting me in front of the whole Wal-Mart," she told the station. "Everyone in there was upset."

Last month, the child was arrested after taking Stratford's Dodge Durango for an eight-minute joyride that left mailboxes smashed and parked cars and signposts hit.

The boy told the station that he took the sport utility vehicle for a spin "because it's fun. It's fun to do bad things. I wanted to do hood-rat stuff for my friend."

After this week's incident at the Wal-Mart, police took the boy to a local hospital for a mental-health evaluation.

Police spokeswoman Ellen Lovejoy said last month that it is unlikely the boy will to be prosecuted for grand theft auto. Officials arrested him so he can get some help, noting the excursion was "unusual behavior for a 7-year-old."

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.