Boy, 6, Dies in Tragic Swing Accident

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A six-year-old boy died after being hit by a swing his older sister was playing on, the Fiji Times reported Tuesday.

The youngster sustained fatal injuries when the iron frame of his sibling's swing slammed into him outside a school in the Ba province of Fiji Saturday.

The infant's father, school handyman Imtiaz Mohammed, said the accident occurred after he brought his children with him to work for the afternoon.

He was locking classrooms when his son Iftiaz realized his phone was missing "so he went towards his older sister who was on the swing."

"The next thing I heard was a loud sound coming from their direction," he said.

Mohammed found his son lying motionless underneath the iron frame of the swing and immediately took him to hospital, where he started breathing normally.

"He was OK, he started talking to me," he said.

But an hour later, Iftiaz's condition started to deteriorate.

A post mortem examination showed that he died of internal injuries.

Mohammed said the incident had shocked his family, especially as his son was so full of life.

"Everyone liked him, he was so adorable," he said.

He said Iftiaz was looking forward to going to school and had looked round his new classroom moments before the fatal collision.

"During the day, he asked me which classroom he would go to, so we opened both the classrooms," Mohammed said. "He went in admiring it and told me that he was ready to go there on Tuesday. He was excited, he told me that he could not wait."

Assistant police spokesman Wame Bautolu confirmed the death.

"The swing frame fell on him (Iftiaz) and his father took him to hospital where he later died," he said.

A funeral service was held Monday.