We all know too much sun is bad for us – but for a 6-year-old boy from England – it goes far beyond just getting sunburn. Jackson McIntyre is allergic to the sun.

Jackson suffers from a rare skin condition called erythropoietic protoporphyria, which is a genetic disorder that causes stinging, burning and swelling to the skin after exposure to the sun, the Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

He’s only one of 300 people in the world who have the rare condition, according to the report, which is caused by a defective enzyme in the surface of the skin. It’s so serious, Jackson has to be covered head to toe in sunblock and wear gloves and a special shirt when he goes outside.

Because of the condition, Jackson has turned to ice hockey to keep fit and have fun indoors.

"Ice hockey has helped Jackson make new friends and gain social and team building skills, something he misses out on at school because he is unable to take part in outside team games,” his dad, Allan McIntyre told the Telegraph.

"His condition is affected by both UVA and visible light so even windows need to be avoided,” Jackson’s mom, Julie added. “It means most of the activities we undertake with Jackson have to be indoors."

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