Duane "Dog" Chapman (search), the bounty hunter who tracked down convicted rapist and Max Factor heir Andrew Luster (search), will star in his own reality TV series.

The Hawaii-based Chapman, who collared Luster in Mexico last year, will be featured in "Dog the Bounty Hunter," (search) a 12-part series to air on the A&E network.

In a written statement, A&E promises to depict the "wild-and-woolly" life of Chapman and his wife and business partner, Beth Smith.

Chapman was hailed as a hero for capturing Luster, who had jumped bail before being convicted of drugging and raping three women.

But a California judge later ruled that Chapman was not entitled to any of the $1 million bail that Luster had forfeited.

Many in the bail-recovery industry say Chapman's tactics create a bad-boy, screw-the-rules image that is not representative of what they do.