Police found the bodies of two young American men Thursday who have been missing for 10 days, but couldn't tell if foul play was involved in their deaths, authorities said.

The remains of Steve Wright (search), 20, of Santa Rosa, Calif., and Mark Kraynak (search), 23, of Uniontown, Pa., were found at the bottom of a rock quarry near a nightclub, where the men had said they were headed, said Guy Lajeunesse, a police spokesman for the city of Laval (search), just north of Montreal.

He said that the men's parents, who have been working with police on the investigation, were able to make the identifications.

"We're going to need an autopsy to show the cause of death," Lajeunesse said. "Right now, we don't know if they jumped, if they fell or if someone pushed them."

He said the men were found at the foot of a 50- to 60-foot drop of the quarry.

The two men were last seen at 3 a.m. Aug. 22 outside a nightclub in Montreal. They were supposed to return to the United States later that day, via Toronto, where they had spent the summer working for the French Connection Francaise (search), an agency that provides strip clubs and adult entertainment firms with male models.

They had called a friend that morning to say they were headed to the Red Lite, an after-hours club in Laval, Quebec's second-largest city on a neighboring island from Montreal.

Kraynak was a former U.S. soldier who was awarded a Purple Heart while serving in Iraq, his parents said. He was due to start his sophomore year of college this week.