Bob Uecker's Stalking Case Delayed Again Due to Defendant's Absence

The stalking case filed by Hall of Fame announcer Bob Uecker against a woman he contends has been harassing him for years was delayed again Tuesday because the defendant could not be located.

Uecker filed a temporary restraining order against Ann E. Ladd, of Prospect Heights, Ill., earlier this month in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. A hearing was scheduled for June 15, but court records show the defendant had not been served with papers. The case was rescheduled for July 3.

Uecker, the voice of the Milwaukee Brewers for more than 35 years, said the 45-year-old Ladd had been bothering him for six or seven years by sending unsolicited gifts, driving around his home in Wisconsin and contacting him in various cities.

Uecker said Ladd confronted him in late May at a hotel pool in Pittsburgh over his refusal to assist her charity work.

"In the past year, however, Ladd's pattern of harassment has escalated in frequency and intensity, and has resulted in repeated and serious invasions of my personal privacy," he said in the filings.

A message left at Ladd's home on Tuesday was not immediately returned. Her lawyer, Christopher Stawski, had no comment. Uecker's lawyer did not immediately return a message.

Uecker won a World Series ring with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1964 and played in Philadelphia and Atlanta before retiring in 1967. He starred in commercials and the television sitcom "Mr. Belvedere."