Blood of American Student in Italy Found at Crime Scene

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HEATHER NAUERT, CO-HOST: We have new clues now in the study abroad extreme sex murder case that took place in Italy.

JOHN GIBSON, CO-HOST: Developments that further implicate the American college student under arrest for the stabbing death of her British roommate. Not only was 20-year-old Amanda Knox's DNA found on the knife that may have been the murder weapon, some of her blood was just found somewhere else. "Big Story" correspondent Douglas Kennedy has new information now on that case.



Italian police say they found traces of her blood at the murder scene. They say this is significant because someone had completely cleaned the crime scene right after the alleged sex killing.


KENNEDY (voice-over): She calls herself Foxy Knoxy but she may be arrivederci Knoxy as evidence in Italy continues to mount against the sexy American in the so-called "study abroad murder". This is not looking good for Amanda Knox right now.

NICK PISA, BRITISH JOURNALIST: No, that's right. The prosecutor today has a 36-page resume handed to the judge which basically sums up the case and basically brings all the evidence together they have. And in that leaked report, which I have seen a copy of, it does say that the evidence against Amanda has increased significantly.

KENNEDY: In the crime scene report, prosecutors say the Washington State college student left a fingerprint, and a trace of her own blood on a faucet inside her Italian countryside apartment. Sometime after her British roommate Meredith Kercher was killed.

The visibility of the stain is such to exclude that it could have been left in the days before the crime since it would surely have been cleaned. British journalist Nick Pisa has been covering the case in Perugia.

PISA: So now this prosecutor maintains someone completely cleaned the scene after the murder?

What they are saying someone obviously went through the house meticulously, cleaned it very thoroughly. They did find evidence of cleaning rags and bleach-soaked cleaning rags.

KENNEDY: Prosecutors say Kercher had her throat slit after refusing group sex with among others Knox and her Italian boyfriend Rafael Solicito, both of whom remain in a Perugia prison. Police have also arrested Rudy Hermann Guede, a local drug dealer who they say sexually assaulted Kercher the night of the murder.

Now, police say Guede also admits being present when Kercher was killed.

PISA: He says he was in the apartment, he says he went back to the apartment with Meredith and they flirted and then kissed and then he said that he had to — had a stomach ache and went to the bathroom and opened the bathroom. Guede then says he opened the bathroom door and came out and saw a man, an Italian man, standing there with a knife in his hand.

KENNEDY: Guede also told cops the Italian man said he would try to pin the murder on him.

PISA: Guede Claims that he shouted out black man found, black man condemned.

KENNEDY: Does this help or hurt Knox's case?

PISA: Well, to be honest, the prosecutors don't believe a word of what Guede is saying. They know he was there. They're just saying that his story does not add up at all.


KENNEDY (on camera): All of the suspects have denied any involvement in the murder. Meanwhile, an Italian judge will decide Friday whether there is enough evidence to hold them in prison and whether any of them can be released on bail.

So there are a lot of twists and turns in this one today, John and Heather.

GIBSON: Alright. Now, Douglas, it is an American student murder. Is it over for Foxy Knoxy?

KENNEDY: You know, all they found today was her blood in her apartment and her fingerprint in her apartment. That wouldn't convict her in this country, but the Italian authorities seem to want to pin this, every fist twist and turn, every lie in this case they bring back to Amanda Knox.

GIBSON: All right. Douglas Kennedy. Douglas, thank you.

NAUERT: Thanks, Douglas.

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