Prime Minister Tony Blair urged Britons on Wednesday to support the tough battle their forces are fighting against insurgents in Afghanistan, and he denied the troops have inadequate equipment.

During his weekly question session in Parliament, Blair said British commanders, who are currently leading the NATO forces in Afghanistan, have not requested additional armored vehicles to make up for shortages, but he said his government is willing to supply them with everything they need in the war.

"The work we're doing there obviously is extremely important. Yes, it has proved very, very tough down in the south of Afghanistan," forcing the soldiers to rethink their strategies, Blair said.

"They may well come back to us and say we need more of this, or more forces or troops, or whatever it is that they think is necessary to accomplish the mission. That is entirely natural," he said.

But for now, the British public must support the battle for democracy in Afghanistan, Blair said.

"What the British troops are doing is absolutely vital to support a democratic process in Afghanistan. Let's be clear, the very people disrupting that democracy process are the same people we're fighting worldwide in this battle against terrorism," he told the legislators during the nationally televised question session.

"So we should support our forces in Afghanistan."