Former President Clinton (search) called his marital infidelity a "terrible moral error" whose disclosure to his wife put him "in the doghouse," during an interview scheduled for this Sunday's "60 Minutes."

Why did he commit adultery with White House intern Monica Lewinsky?

"For the worst possible reason," Clinton said. "Just because I could. I think that's just about the most morally indefensible reason anybody could have for doing anything."

Bill's book: sales or sorry?

A sample of your responses:

He is doing it for sales but I still think he's an Immoral person and a SORRY excuse for a man and especially president.

I think that Clinton would like to clean his image up. I do believe that he is sorry for what happened in the White House. Even with all of his personal problems, I feel that he was one of our best presidents. Without a doubt he was the best speaker since Harry Truman.
Of course he also wants to sell tons of books. I don't think that there is any doubt that his book will be one of best sellers of 2004. It will most likely out sell Bill Oreilly's "Who's looking out for You".

Bill Clinton wrote his book "because he could"... I don't think he's sorry at all... money, money, money! Using that as an "excuse" is morally unacceptable. If that's the way a supposed intelligent human being justifies his wrong doings, then that will be the new defense for ANYONE who commits a crime, adultery, etc. Sorry Judge, I robbed that bank because I could... HE'S a stain on the American Presidency and an embarrassment.
Peggy M.
Millinocket, ME

I think that Clinton is more concerned about sales because he isn't sorry for what he did, he's just sorry that he got caught!
Kathy Y.
Riverview, FL

Clinton is looking for sales of his book, which I think will be a big success as long as it is sold in the fiction section.

Bill Clinton's motto is "Show Me the Money."
Houston, TX

Clinton’s book and his sudden return to the spotlight serve a two-fold purpose; one is obviously to sell his book, but the other is to get the moderate Democrats to look back at their own party for the election. The Dems are using Clinton to draw in that group of people so that during the convention, he can indorse John Kerry and boost his poll numbers. Clinton has much more draw on the people than Kerry ever will, so it makes sense to have the popular dem step up now. He’ll attract the voters and pass them onto Kerry.
Jason C.

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