Tuna perfume, town forgives Britney and "Lord of the Rings" stats in today's Foxlight.

MTV's brainiac Jessica Simpson (search) has a new deal to sell a line of perfume -- nothing unusual except this is a line of lickable fragrances. The perfume and lotion will be called "dessert." The New York Post's Page Six gossip column wonders if it'll come in flavors like "buffalo wings" and "Chicken of the Sea," an obvious dis to her ditzyness on the show. Incidentally, Jessica and her husband Nick will host "Saturday Night Live" next week.

Next -- Britney Spears (search) -- after earlier reports that her hometown was upset with her gag wedding, now comes word that all is forgiven. Townsfolk in Kentwood, La. -- all 2,500 of them -- are falling behind the "oops" girl. One friend of both she and her 48-hour husband says "Britney is our hometown star and Jason is out hometown guy -- give them a break. They're kids and we're proud of them no matter what mistakes they've made." Britney sells a whole lot, according to the woman who runs the Kentwood town museum. Admission -- $3 -- with Britney pens, mugs, t-shirts and autographed pictures for sale.

Finally, "Lord of the Rings" (search) it crossed $300 million last weekend, so it must be the fastest to that figure -- just 24 days -- right? Sorry, hobbits. "Spider Man" did it two years ago in just 22 days. "Rings" can't be too upset, since it's getting back on Oscar's radar screen, thanks to the less-than-stellar box office performances of "Master and Commander," "The Last Samurai" and a very cold "Cold Mountain." Sorry, Nicole. We're still on for dinner, right?