Bill Maher Takes Political Curmudgeon Act to Web TV Show

Bill Maher is set to unleash his acerbic wit on the Web.

His new live weekly show, "Amazon Fishbowl With Bill Maher," debuts Thursday night on Maher's guests include the Dixie Chicks, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and author Dean Koontz.

"Fishbowl" will appear Thursdays through Aug. 17. Each 30-minute episode will feature interviews and performances with artists whose wares are available for sale on the Web site.

Maher called the show "top-shelf television-style programming."

"To hold forth with the industry's very best actors, directors, musicians, authors — I'm thrilled to be on the cutting edge of this," the 50-year-old comedian said in a statement.

Future guests include John Mayer, Nelly Furtado and Augusten Burroughs.