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Check out the pictures posted today... some are from two days ago when we were at the United Nations following Mrs. Bush. It was the same day President Bush spoke to the General Assembly and thus there was lots of media lined up outside. Security was very tight, not only because President Bush was there, but because many world leaders were present. The police created a huge perimeter around the area and it was not easy to get within a block of the United Nations.

I had to get a day media pass to enter the perimeter and the U.N. building (see the pics.) To get the security pass I had to jump through the usual hoops: give bio information, go through a metal detector, show passport or driver's license and have picture taken. This meant showing up very early at the U.N. to get the pass. I snapped a pic (posted) of the plastic ID that I then had to wear around my neck just to give you a better idea of the process.

I have also posted pics from Wednesday. We interviewed the first lady in a room at her hotel and then followed her to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) where she was former President Clinton's lead guest. We were there when the former president greeted her and then when he introduced her to the many guests attending the CGI. As both President Clinton and Mrs. Bush spoke, pictures were posted on a large screen in the room. I took a few pics of those images to give you and idea of what the CGI is and what the attendees saw as the former president and first lady spoke. There are pictures of Mrs. Bush in Africa, etc.

I confess: I do like seeing former President Clinton and Mrs. Bush together, working together to make the world better. So often it seems that people are positioned against each other when they have identical goals.

A bit deeper behind the scenes, while we waited for the interview to get started, Mrs. Bush and I discussed their now deceased Springer spaniel dog, Spot. I grew up with a Springer spaniel, had another Springer as an adult and had a particular fondness from afar for Spot's mother, Millie (dog of President Bush 41 and Mrs. Bush.) Spot had an interesting history, born at the White House, then lived in the Texas governor's mansion and then died at the White House.

And very, very, very deep behind the scenes: I was a bit disappointed that Mrs. Bush did not show up with a Sharpie ink mark on her suit like I did. Just kidding! But, yes, while interviewing the first lady I had a dark Sharpie ink spot on my light blue jacket — ugh — it did not show on camera because it was on the side of my jacket and down low on my jacket, and Mrs. Bush did not see it. But my guess is that had she seen it, she would have been sympathetic. I was unhappy to discover it (and don't tell me you have never done something like this!)

Today I have an interview with President Clinton scheduled. His CGI is a three-day event and calls hundreds (thousands?) of people together. You would recognize many of the people attending — e.g. Microsoft's Bill Gates, Richard Branson, the president of Pakistan etc.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Since you are an ace at making your job "seem" so easy I was wondering if there are any interviews that make you nervous before hand and how you handle the pre-jitter nerves? When I get sick of all the bad news I can just shut off the TV. As a reporter you don't have that option and are basted in it all day. Last night when you got to cover the return of the live infant must have washed your soul clean, so to speak, and enabled you to rejoice almost as much as the family! I am glad when you get to report good news, not just for the audience but for you, too.
Take care — good care,
Darla Wickham

ANSWER: Darla, I have been "around the block," so I rarely get nervous. But I confess, I recently did get nervous interviewing my colleagues Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig. If you recall, they were kidnapped in Gaza, held about two weeks and then released. I so much wanted to do a good job for them, that I got nervous. I worried I would bungle it. I can't remember getting nervous any other time — it has been years since I have gotten nervous.

E-mail No. 2

Can you believe what that Chavez of Ven. said about our George!? I'd like to stick one of his oil wells up his you know what! I'd gladly pay 15cents more for gas just to get to tell that so and so just where to stick his oil wells! The very idea! And his country is the capital of the "sex trade/porn industry!" Something to be sooooo proud of! Yeah, right!
Nutty Bast___!!
Sherri Heflin
Philadeliphia, MS

E-mail No. 3

You have to ask Jeff what's up with the long, curly hair?
Cara Lummus
Frisco, TX

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