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Every so often, someone does something that is so stunning there is no getting around the fact that I just have to show it.

Bill and Hillary Clinton playing Tony and Carmela Soprano. Believe me. I don't make this stuff up. Check it out.

(Click here to watch the video on Hillary Clinton's Web site.)

Well it was all to get to the new campaign song, and it's a Celine Dion song.

So in the video, Hillary is the head of the family and Bill is the wife. OK, it's all very symbolic and new age-y. They're going back to the White House with switched roles. Great.

But is it just me or does the idea of a hit man eyeing a former president and a presidential wannabe seem just a bit much?

Let's just suppose a conservative jokester had made the same short film with Bill and Hill look-alikes and put that hit man, Johnny Sack, in. Wouldn't somebody be screaming for heads?

I'm just asking.

That's My Word.

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