Boys on bikes, Al Pacino, bad driving tips and The Guru in the harsh your mellow glow of The Foxlight.

Derek Luke was headed for stardom after Antwone Fisher. Laurence Fishburne is a respected Shakespearean actor. Now they're both in Biker Boyz. And it's a re-"cycled" story not worth the ride according to most critics.

Al Pacino wants to Recruit Colin Farrell into the C.I.A. He's got Bridget Moynahan to dangle in front of him. But she's having trouble convincing Colin she's on his side and critics that she can act. Ditto for Farrell who proves he can't elevate substandard material. And Pacino sets a decent idea in motion and then completely undoes it at the end by -- stunner -- over-acting.

Road trip anyone? Final Destination 2 is more frightening than a Stuckey's Pecan Log for highway travelers. Same premise as the first one, someone cheats death. Death gets mad. Death starts dismembering everyone. Translation? Leave the kids at home.

Finally, The Guru. Two words. Bad karma.