Bail us out... or you die. That pretty much sums up the threat — I mean position — of U.S. automakers scrambling for a bailout.

Only they refuse to call it a bailout. They say it's a loan.

Trust me, if taxpayer dollars are involved, it's a bailout.

And until it's repaid — if it's ever repaid — because so few of these things are repaid, it certainly ain't a loan.

But back to my point: You can't threaten your way to help.

You can't say, either give us the money or we all feel the pain, when we haven't given you the money and we already are feeling the pain.

You can't say bankruptcy isn't an option because people don't buy cars from bankrupt companies, when you know full well they quite happily fly bankrupt airlines.

You can't inflate your case, stating 3 million will lose their jobs at factories, when you include car wash operators and food vendors, simply because they're near those factories.

I know, the more dire the pitch, the more compelling the pitch. But you auto guys are just spouting like sons of pitches. Tired and worn arguments for money you say you need, but offer no accounting for how you'll spend.

Your workers deserve better than to be propped up by us as they're dragged down by asinine judgments by you.

Americans are remarkably flexible. If their bosses can't cut it, they find a way they can.

Not with jobs that placate the status quo, but into jobs that raise them above it.

Don't use these fine folks to fill your pockets. Honor their skills to fill their potential.

You callously say jobs will be lost if you don't get your way. Let me be the first to offer your jobs, even if you do.

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