Big News A Bust?

And now some fresh pickings from the wartime grapevine:

Gallup-ing Into Good Ratings?

The capture of Saddam has showed up big time in a new Gallup poll. It shows the number of Americans who approve of the way the U.S. has handled the situation in Iraq jumped from 46 percent several days ago ...  to 65 percent just after Saddam's capture!

In spite of that leap, there was only a slight increase in the number of Americans who say it was "worth" going to war in Iraq. That number, already at 59 percent rose just two points to 61 percent. Sixty-one percent is also the number of people who approve of the decision to go to war in the first place.

Big News A Bust?

Meanwhile, some NPR listeners didn't think Saddam's capture was that big of news. NPR's ombudsman reports that some listeners complained that the breaking news coverage last Sunday was, "an intrusion on their usually predictable Sunday morning."

One listener complained to the station that news of Saddam's capture was "numbing." Another listener said she was "sick and tired" of it, adding -- "We, the American people, don't need to be spoon-fed a blow-by-blow account of this one event... there are plenty of other things to report on in the world besides this."

Not Just Jerry?

Jerry Rubin -- not the late member of the Chicago Seven, but the 60-year-old peacenik who is a bit of a celebrity among anti-war activists in California -- has now legally changed his name to -- "Jerry Peace Activist Rubin." Rubin ran for a Santa Monica City Council seat in 2000, but the city refused to put "peace activist" as his official occupation on the ballot. Then he went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which refused to even hear the case. So he decided to just add it to his legal name.

But, he says, -- "You can still call me Jerry." He's meeting with some supporters next month to decide whether to run for city council again-- this time, of course, with a new name.

Show and Tell

And finally, the hit TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has apparently taken on a new project. The Grapevine found this picture whizzing around the Internet ... showing Saddam getting a little grooming advice. No doubt the Queer Eye gang could have done a lot with the hovel Saddam was living in as well ... but there isn't much anybody can do with a hole in the ground.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report