Big Head, Humble Heart?

Sometimes it takes a kid to keep an adult humble. Like yours truly.

Leaving the building Wednesday night, I bumped into a very nice woman, who was apparently a big fan of Fox, and I'm happy to report, me as well.

She asked for an autograph, then asked her son, who looked about 13 or so, whether he'd like me to sign his baseball cap. The conversation went something like this:

Kid: "Why would I want him to sign my baseball cap?"

Mom: "Because he's famous, dear."

Kid: "I don't know him."

Mom: "He does a business show on Fox. You know, the channel with Bill O'Reilly (search)."

Kid: "I like Bill O'Reilly. I don't know this guy."

Mom: "He's the guy with the big head."

Kid: "Oh, is that why he's on TV?"

Mom: "No, he's very smart... does all the stocks."

Kid: "It sounds boring."

I had to intervene.

Me: "It's not that boring."

Kid: "Well, if you're famous, why don't you have stuff like Bill? He has jackets and golf shirts. He's got doormats and lots of neat stuff. You don't have any of that stuff."

Me: "I've got some pretty big stuff coming out soon... just you wait."

Mom: "And Mr. Cavuto has the show with all the Victoria's Secret video, remember that?"

Kid: "Oh yea! I remember now."

Me: "Now I'm getting somewhere."

Kid: "Are you gonna have Victoria's Secret stuff to give out on your site?"

Me: "No."

Kid: "That's too bad."

Mom: "Go ahead and let him sign your cap."

Kid: "No, I like my cap the way it is."

Me: "I can't blame you."

Kid: "Can you get Bill to sign my cap?"

Me: "No."

Kid: "When does Bill get in?"

Mom: "Let's go... I'm sure Mr. Cavuto is a very busy man."

Kid: "If he's so busy, why is he talking to us?"

Me: "Because I liked to be abused."

Kid: "You're funny. But Bill's cool."

Mom: "Bye now, we have to get going."

Kid: "Wait... is Bill in there?"

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