Think quick: Time for a word association game.

Stimulus package. Rudolph Giuliani. Fred Thompson.

What do they all have in common?

Big government. It's back. And they all prove it.

The stimulus package, because it's bigger than ever, and getting bigger.

And Rudy and Fred, because hopes for them were bigger than ever, and now they're gone.

Say what you will of Rudy's campaign, his proposed tax cut was historic, and now, I suspect, history.

And question Fred's brief presidential run all you want, his record on cutting taxes was beyond question, even though now I suspect, he just leaves us with a question.

How those who pushed hard for smaller government were undone by forces clearly itching for more government? And more programs.

Whether it be a stimulus package that gives rebate checks to people who shouldn't even be in this country, or candidates slapping higher taxes on successful Americans who made this country.

This isn't about going after the rich. It's about going after those who thought depending on the government was rich.

They've been silenced. Pity the government has not.

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