Big Brother Obama Is Watching You?

The news that is not White House approved...

Can You See Me Now?

Did you know that the federal government can track your whereabouts using data from your BlackBerry and cell phone? And brace yourself, liberals, because the Obama administration supports this monitoring without a warrant.

According to the Obama Justice Department, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy when it comes to the location of American's cell phones. CNET News reports that the administration believes no rights are violated when a phone company reveals its records to the government.

All of this is being argued by the Justice Department before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. The government wants to overturn a previous ruling that would require warrants in order to obtain cell phone data.

Liberals complain when the Bush administration monitored phone conversations between terrorists, so where is the outrage now?

Calling It Quits

Good news for Democrats: Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan — who have already announced that they will not be seeking re-election in November — have got company.

The latest Democrat to head for exit is Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy, announcing the end of his rocky tenure in a YouTube video:


REP. PATRICK KENNEDY, D-R.I.: Now having spent two decades in politics, my life has taken a new direction and I will not be a candidate for re-election this year.

Rhode Island, thank you.


Congressman Kennedy, I can assure you that America thanks you for your retirement.

Dakota Dreamin'

Americans are tightening their belts in light of these tough economic times. On Friday, Gallup release data showing the states whose residents are most comfortable with their standard of living.

Leading the path is the state of North Dakota, where 82 percent of those polled say they are happy with their standard of living. Also topping the list are South Dakota, Alaska and Minnesota.

What a coincidence that in the state where residents are most satisfied, North Dakota Governor John Hoeven is leading his Democratic challenger in the U.S. Senate race by a mile. According to the latest Rasmussen poll, Governor Hoeven would win in a landslide — 71 to 17 percent — over State Senator Tracy Potter if the election were held today.

It looks like Democrats can save their money and put the state of North Dakota in the loss column for 2010.

Mad Scientist

The Meltdown is brought to you by former DNC Chair Howard Dean. He is just one of many liberals trying to defend the theory of global warming in light of the loads of snow recently dumped over the entire country, specifically the Northeast.

Defending that theory is no easy task these days. In an interview Thursday with ABC News, Dean took out his frustration on a familiar enemy:


HOWARD DEAN, FORMER DNC CHAIRMAN: One of the most disturbing things about the Republican Party over the last couple of decades is they just don't believe in science anymore. It's not likely — not an approach that's likely to generate any kind of creative thinking or any serious thinking about the future.


Nice try, Governor, but it's not just the snow. Remember that little thing called "climategate" and how the IPCC has been basing its alarmist findings on student papers?

I think it's you and Al Gore who need to do some serious thinking about the future.

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