What's new on video and DVD? We've got the bonus tracks that highlight the flattering and not so flattering extras all in the harsh glare of The Foxlight.

Big Bad Love is a big, bad movie. It was supposed to be Debra Winger's comeback, but her director is also her husband and love was blind when they picked this script.

Big Fat Liar isn't much better but at least the humor is intentional. Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle probably shouldn't quit his night job.

Enigma remains one. It had decent buzz at Sundance last year but that was about it. It's Britain, World War II, code breaking, yada yada yada.

Murder by Numbers has Sandra Bullock playing a Columbo-like character trying to prove that a murderous pair of high school students were doing some grisly homework. This is "Thriller Strictly by the Numbers."

Finally, didn't see that HBO Project Greenlight movie? No one did. It made $160,000 despite all the cable and Miramax hype from producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Hey, it made for a great HBO series. The film? A lot of people said, "Well, it's the director's first movie." So was In The Bedroom. This is called Stolen Summer and it stole two hours of mine.