Big Apple Bound

Dear Viewers,

Tonight begins the "juggling act" —- we have to juggle any news that arises during the day and also open Fox News Channel's Republican Convention coverage at Madison Square Garden (search).

Going "on the road" is always a challenge — especially technically. The technical aspect is always a juggling act but the "behind the scenes" people are remarkable in executing their jobs. I am forever stunned when I get to the "set" of remote locations — all the wire and cables laid on the floor from the set to the satellite trucks outside is beyond my comprehension as to what it does or how anyone knows how to set it up.

Our mission tonight and next week includes trying to provide convention coverage that is near to what we did for the Democratic Convention in Boston. Tonight's show is at its regular time but beginning Monday - Thursday, we have a two hour show (like Boston) beginning about 11p.m. eastern.

Each night next week we start when the convention shuts down for the day. If news happens during the day, we have to figure out how to present it and how much time to devote to it as we also cover the political event. We are lucky in that we are a 24/7 news organization so that if we don't cover something, a colleague will.

We are juggling all our bookings for next week since we don't know for sure that we will start at exactly 11p.m. eastern — some times the speeches are longer than expected and the convention does not close down until 11:10 or 11:15.

It is also possible, I suppose, that we could start a few minutes before 11. There are additional problems in that we are airing directly from the scene of the convention which is very crowded and sometimes guests have difficulty walking thru the crowd to get to our set —- thus we do more juggling as we try to keep the show moving (we can't go to "black" and say to you "we are going off the air until we find Senator McCain (search) or some other guest!) Yes, it is somewhat chaotic, but always exciting.

And as you know, while my job can sometimes be chaotic, it is an easy job compared to many others' jobs. (I can't even begin to imagine how tough the job of a firefighter is!)

We will try and mirror the coverage that we did in Boston of the Democratic Convention so that we are fair to both parties. In reality, we can't do an identical job but we have to do the best we can.

To change gears, I thought you would like to see some e-mails from last night's show. We covered the new civil lawsuit against William Kennedy Smith (search). The suit claims he "intentionally inflicted emotional distress" on a woman (the complainant) by a series of phone calls about 6 months ago which relate back to an allegation that in 1999 he sexually assaulted her.

I don't know that he did sexually assault her in 1999. I do know that subsequent to the night he allegedly sexually assaulted her that he and the complainant had consensual sex on more than one occasion. The complaint admits this.

Smith denies that he sexually assaulted her in a written statement. He claims that his past (his 1991 trial for sexual assault?) and his family (Kennedy cousin) make him vulnerable to allegations such as this one.

One other thing — don't read anything into the e-mails selected before — I am in a hurry to get to the airport and I am just "grabbing" some that talk about the civil case.

E-mail No. 1
I watched your show yesterday and saw how puzzled you were when you were trying to comprehend how the young lady who alleges to have been raped by Mr. Kennedy Smith could have later had a relationship with him. I'm here to tell you that it's not only possible; it happens! Please don't use my name or city. I am an example of how a young woman can be date raped and be so ashamed of what happened that she tells no one. It becomes her dirty little secret. Now I'll really shock you; I later married my attacker and we were married for 28 yrs. before I came to my senses. This man controlled me from the time of the attack till I finally left. I was 18 and this young lady wasn't too many years older than I at the time of her alleged attack. Believe me, men who do this type of thing exert power over young women.
I sat so quietly watching your show because I watched it with someone else in the room and I didn't want to give myself away. I wanted to reach out to you and tell you "believe her, don't doubt her." It happened to me and I still wish I had spoken out all those years ago. I felt responsible and I'm sure she felt responsible because in her case she had been drinking.
I feel better for having told you this because this girl must not be crucified. She must have her believers.
Please...don't use my name or city.

E-mail No. 2 (the "thing" in this message is the lawsuit filed.)

Please don't make a story out of this thing.


E-mail No. 3
Hi Greta,
There is something that doesn't make sense about the accuser in the William Kennedy Smith case. I have never heard of someone being sexually assaulted and later engaging in sexual relations with that person. Doesn't it sound odd to you? Adding insult to injury, she waited 5 years?
I know that he had a shady past, but it does sound as if this is about either money OR, a relationship gone bad. . . 'hell has no fury like a woman scorned" seems to come to mind.
Glad to see Jeanine Pirro on your show so often. She is the DA in my county and well respected. Your panel is very engaging and interesting.
Take care,

E-mail No. 4
I'm with you and the others on the Kennedy case. Beyond my comprehension how that woman could have a subsequent relationship with someone, I don't care if she knew him or not, after he raped her. I believe he probably did but she has to be demented to then have a relationship willingly. This case is dead in the water before it even begins.


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