This summer, even a day in the city can feel like a day at the beach.

The perfect complements to bronzed skin and brave jewelry are big sunglasses, bold bags, bohemian hats and gemstone sandals.

FOXNews.com uncovered this year's trendiest and most fun-to-wear summer accessories.

Oversized Shades

Much like the glamorous retro swimsuits that are adorning runways, fashionably oversized shades are another throwback style.

Seen on the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie, Kate Moss and other celebs, these fabulous '60s re-runs are most wearable in black and the extremely popular white frames.

But if you're feeling bold, don't stop there: pink, orange, yellow, blue and green are also super-trendy. The hottest shades this season are very thick and rectangular, square or circular frames.

The face-flattering aviators are also back in a big way. This classic style looks best with mysterious reflective lenses.

And for the sportier fashionista, wrap-around sunglasses, called shields, offer more protection and more peripheral vision to protect your peepers. Shields are very sleek, coming in a range of colors and even bold designer logos on the temple.

Sunglasses called goggles don't have to be used for swimming or skiing, but they do have an undeniably athletic look. Hipster Sienna Miller (search) has been seen sporting these oversized shades that combine the size and curves of the bug-eyed look with the shape of aviators.

And don't forget that UVA and UVB protection is a must, so check the label before you buy.

Check out what style shades your favorite celebs are wearing this season.

Big Bags

Another way to warm up your style is with an oversized canvas bag. As with everything this summer, the bigger and brighter, the better.

Canvas tote bags have been around for years, but this year they've swung into must-have territory.

Canvas is less expensive than leather and handles treatment well.

For a hipper canvas bag, try something with more color, embroidery and exotic trim. Canvas bags can even be smart and sophisticated, because some designers have added a silk blend to dress things up.

Pair your tote with skimmer shoes for the ultimate summer look.

Funky Hats

Floppy straw hats are not just for grandmas in the garden. The big hats provide the perfect shield from the sun and are brimming with attitude.

Some of this summer's hats are short and sweet like the 1920s cloche, but most are wide-brimmed. These large floppy hats run the gamut — some belong on glamorous luxury liners and others on relaxed Haight-Ashbury stoops.

Ruby Slippers

A fun pair of sandals can accompany a chic city bag or a designer beach towel. These shoes are the perfect summer accessory and go to the extremes from flats to wedges.

Pretty jeweled flats give a day or night outfit some ethnic flavor while staying comfortable. Metallic sandals are also big this season, because they give the classic sandal a little more zing.

Another trend this summer is the return of the towering wedge. Espadrilles are back in more colors and fabrics than ever.

Cool Cuffs

Bold cuffs bracelets, the rebel cousin of the bangle, can look great with any summer style. Wear beaded and wooden cuffs with a bohemian-chic look and choose colorful plastic cuffs if you're going funky or retro.

Cuffs can be worn with casual or dressy styles. Unlike bangles, one cuff per wrist is the limit.

Beads, Glorious Beads

Maybe your kindergarten teacher was on to something with those multi-colored macaroni necklaces.

This season, eclectic and chunky necklaces are everywhere. Oversized beads with raffia, fabrics, wood and even pearls are teaming up to adorn necks and make a statement.

The style is being worn with refined and relaxed outfits and can result in a wide variety of looks from demure to audacious.

And go ahead — wear more than once necklace at a time.

Cover-Up Musts

This summer, beachy looks aren't just about the suit or the right accessories — they're about total swim ensembles. The right cover-up can help bring together great footwear, accessories and the perfect suit into one beautiful, sun-drenched package.

The leading looks are tunics, sarongs, gypsy tops and sheer sundresses. Much like this season's bathing suits, details are the best part of the summer looks.

Look for a cover-up with rich materials like silk, gauzy fabrics and linen. Sparkles, embroidery and beading are also popular accents this season.