The news that is not White House approved...

Say What?

All President Obama may want for Christmas is a new vice president. That's because the king of all things inappropriate, Joe Biden, has turned heads with one of his patented verbal gaffes.

This one slipped out at Thursday's White House jobs summit when the VP served as the opening act for President Obama. During his remarks he was searching for a way to characterize the U.S. economy, and needless to say, he went off script yet once again:


VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: You may remember your college days having to study the essayist Samuel Johnson? And one of the favorite quotes I remember, Mr. Secretary, was, 'There's nothing like a hanging focus to one's attention.' Let me tell you, your attention has been focused. Our attention has been focused.


Maybe Santa Claus will finally bring the vice president that teleprompter that he so desperately needs.

Out of Touch

DNC Chair Tim Kaine is predicting big victories for the Democrats in 2010, but you won't believe why. He somehow thinks that the tea party movement was a big fight between warring factions of the Republican camps:


TIM KAINE, DNC CHAIRMAN: There is one factor that I think is really important going into 2010. And that was the factor of the GOP fighting. The tea party devouring the GOP.


Devouring the GOP? Hey, Earth to Tim Kaine, the tea parties have energized the GOP and the country with an energy it has not seen in years. And unfortunately, Mr. Kaine, they've also united a whole lot of people against your Democrats.

Petty Chief

We know how much the president loves a good photo op, but his aides made a very strange request during his visit last month to Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska.

Before his visit, the troops had placed a brand new F-22 fighter jet in the hangar where the president was set to speak. Obama aides ordered the F-22 removed before his arrival, telling officials at the base that the president was not to be photographed in front of an F-22 in any way, shape, manner or form.

Foreign policy's Web site reports, "The airmen there took offense to the Obama aides' demand… seeing it as a slight to the folks who are operating the F-22 proudly every day."

The president pushed the end of the production of F-22s and the Pentagon stopped ordering them in April. One hundred and eighty seven of them are still operated by our brave men and women right now.

Mr. President, how petty can you actually get?

Fans Flee

The world's number one golfer is apparently still in the good graces of his top sponsors. ABC News reports that Nike, Gillette and Gatorade will all continue their relationships with Tiger Woods.

But the same cannot be said for many of his fans, including the operator of TigerWoodsIsGod.com. The Web site known as "the first church of Tiger Woods" has announced it will be closing its doors. Webmaster Pastor John Ziegler once called Woods "the true messiah," but now he accuses Tiger of being a "blatant liar and selfish coward."

I guess members of that church will have to find a new place some to worship.

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