Joe Biden knows who wears the pants in the White House — and apparently it isn't him.

The vice president was joking about the former administration during a fundraising dinner Wednesday in Florida, when he responded to a suggestion that President Bush leaned heavily on Vice President Cheney for guidance.

That's not how the Obama administration works, Biden reportedly told about 150 political donors at the Orlando event.

"He's the president, I'm the vice president. We've got the pecking order in this administration right," Biden said. "I know George Bush, and he's no Barack Obama."

Biden, known for his often embarrassing off-the-cuff remarks, was at the $1,000-a-plate event to rally support for Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson — who didn't hold back with his own quips at Biden's expense while poking fun at Bush and Cheney, according to a pool report on the event.

Grayson said Cheney had given Biden the benefit of a tour of the White House "dungeon," including it's torture rack. And he said Biden had jumped at the chance to be vice president "because he could see Philadelphia from his front porch," a crack at Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's quote about being able to see Russia.

It was Grayson who first compared the two administrations, saying the "real change in power" wasn't from Bush to Obama, but rather from Cheney to Biden.

Biden played along but called Grayson a "lousy comedian."