Bias Is in the Eye of the Beholder

I have no issue with guests with whom I disagree.

I just disagree with guests with whom I cannot discuss an issue.

Liking me isn't important.

Arguing my very question is even less important.

Here's what is important.

Answering the question.

Knock it, dismiss it, challenge it.

But the issue isn't me or this network.

The issue is you and your position.

If you are comfortable with your facts, assume I'll be comfortable challenging those facts.

Right. Left. It doesn't matter.

Clear answers do.

Now if you feel appearing on this network doesn't matter, don't.

If you feel it's not worth the trip, don't make the trip.

And if you feel it matters more to brag to your like-minded friends you threw in a zinger, here's a reminder.

You are of no value to the friends whose support you crave.

And the viewers whose ear you should crave more.

Bias is in the eye of the beholder.

Behold a good argument, and you'll win over eyes.

Deflect the argument, and you'll end up with people just rolling their eyes.

I just find it ironic that political types who so much value staying on message are the first to get in a snit when someone calls them on forgetting that message.

And in the process, forgetting something else: their senses.

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