Beyonce (search) reportedly makes up to $4.7 million for just 10 days of work a year — and that's just her hair.

The singer she has to inform L'Oreal of "any radical change to her hair any concert tour may necessitate" and keep it in excellent condition, according to The Smoking Gun Web site, which has posted the contract between the singer and the cosmetic giant.

The five-year endorsement deal calls for Beyonce to work 10 days annually for photo shoots, promotions and personal appearances, although L'Oreal can ask for two extra 10-hour "service days" at the rate of $25,000 a day.

Beyonce can't go near Revlon or Clairol products and must maintain "approximately the same physical appearance and health."

L'Oreal also retains the right to inspect her hair, as long as she gets two weeks' notice.