Well this sociopath is finally in jail and will most likely stay there for the rest of his life.

Thursday he told the judge how sorry he is that he damaged thousands of lives. Madoff said he knew he would someday get caught, but continued defrauding people anyway. Two human beings have already committed suicide because Madoff destroyed their prosperity. Others will never recover from this criminal:


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We lost our life savings though. And it's very hurtful, very scary, because our life is upside down, and we don't know what's going to happen.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now I'm going to have to worry about every time I spend something I have to worry.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bernie has devastated our family. The things that my grandpa worked so hard for is completely gone.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He sucked off the life blood of other people to live at the very top that he should spend the rest of his life living at the very bottom.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm sorry he can't live 150 years so that they could torture him.


Madoff's attorney, Ira Sorkin, tried to argue that his client should stay free on bond, but spectators in the courtroom actually laughed at him and the judge sent Madoff to jail in Manhattan. He will be sentenced in June and then go to a federal penitentiary.

We all know Madoff can never again see freedom. At age 70, his destiny is to die in prison.

But the drama continues, as Madoff's wife Ruth wants to keep nearly $70 million worth of assets. The 67-year-old woman is a former bookkeeper and says it's her money, not Bernie's.

Sure. So tell me, lady, exactly how did you earn $70 million bucks? "Talking Points" can't wait to hear that explanation.

Word is that old Bernie made some kind of deal with the feds to keep Ruth from being prosecuted. Reports deny that. Who knows, but there is no way the feds can allow Ruthie to keep the loot.

Estimates are that Madoff stole about $65 billion. Just $1 billion of that has been located. The rest was probably squandered in the Ponzi scheme and on lavish things like yachts, jets and million-dollar homes — things Ruthie enjoyed.

Thursday Madoff would not look at his victims. They packed the courtroom, but old Bernie kept his eyes averted.

All of us are betrayed at some point in our lives. That is just a sad fact. Betrayal is brutal and very hard to forgive. Violating a trust is a cardinal sin.

So Bernie Madoff's life is over. He's most likely in isolation right now, as other prisoners would like a piece of him, no doubt.

This entire sordid situation should be taught in every school in the country. Betray your neighbor, lose your soul. Period.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

After Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps was caught smoking something, Kellogg's cancelled his cereal endorsement. Well that left thousands of cereal boxes on the shelves at the warehouse, so now Kellogg's has turned a negative into a positive by donating the cereal to the San Francisco Food Bank. The Kellogg's guys are patriots.

On the pinhead front, watching the "Mike and Juliet" program Thursday morning, you saw this:

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MIKE JERRICK, CO-HOST, "MIKE AND JULIET: I understand that your dog is a pretty good judge of a person's character?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think that that's probably one of his strongest qualities, is his judge of character. When I asked him, "What do you think of Bernie Madoff?"

JERRICK: Now, we have a picture of Bernie Madoff right here. There's Michelle holding the picture. Let's put it down. What would Gomez think of his character?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you think, Gomez? What do you think of Bernie?


JERRICK: What — what is going on there?


The dog is a patriot. The picture of Madoff, a pinhead.

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