Nicholas Berg (search), the 26-year-old American who was beheaded on videotape by Iraqi militants, was buried Friday morning in a private ceremony.

A memorial service for family and friends was planned for Friday afternoon.

"They're in a state of shock," family spokesman Bruce Hauser said. "You walk in and look at (mother Suzanne Berg) and she doesn't even look like herself."

Hauser said Berg's mother, father, sister and brother were likely to speak at the private memorial service Friday at a synagogue.

Berg, who owned a small communications firm, has been remembered by friends as an outgoing and caring soul whose travels to help others took him from abject poverty in Africa to perilous hot spots in Iraq.

He was buried at a family plot at the Montefiore Cemetery (search) in Jenkintown, Chester County Commissioner Andrew Dinniman said.

The Berg family has appealed to curiosity seekers and media to stay away from the memorial. Police said they would turn away and, if necessary, arrest outsiders trying to attend.

The sheriff's department said they would use hand-held metal detectors to screen visitors.