Below the Fold for Sept. 7

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Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Hotline Needs Help

Investigators for the U.S. Department of the Treasury report that the IRS (search) tax-help hotline provided accurate and complete answers only 45 percent of the time during the second half of last year.

The IRS claims the error rate was only 33 percent -- thus demonstrating that the tax code is so unintelligible that not even the experts can decipher it.

Make that Double Fries

U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet has dismissed a lawsuit alleging that McDonald's ads make kids fat.

The plaintiffs not only failed to prove that McDonald's was primarily responsible for juvenile obesity -- they also failed to prove that chubby kids had even seen the ads that supposedly had brainwashed them into scarfing down fat-filled delectables.

Cast in Stone?

Residents of Helena, Montana have begun flocking to a sculpted mural that depicts major figures from Montana's past. Many say they see the face of Republican Governor Judy Martz on the body of a naked bordello dancer.

Sculptor Kristine Veith says she has never seen the governor -- and she may not be alone. The governor says, "I'm a very modest person. No one would ever see me like that. My husband doesn't ever see me like that" -- which is far more than we want to know.