Below the Fold for October 13

Vote Fraud Probe

The Department of Justice has begun investigating allegations of voter fraud in six South Dakota counties bordering Indian reservations. The probe reportedly focuses on the state's Democratic Party, which has signed up thousands of voters in the last four months, including a woman signed up the week after her death.

Party officials blame an outside contractor, Becky Red Earth Villeda, also known as Maka Duta. Maka Duta has been unavailable for comment on the story.

And the Band Played On

The rock band Blink 182 got an unpleasant surprise when it opened a September 14 concert in Southern California by ordering President Bush to perform an action that rhymes with truck. Kids in the audience booed. When the band repeated the comment, thinking listeners might have misconstrued the slight as support for the president, the audience booed even more loudly, whereupon the band shut up and did what it was paid to do, play music.

Class Acts

The Daily Vidette, the Illinois State University student paper, has opined against American unilateralism, complaining that the Bush administration is turning enemies into friends: "The mere threat that Saddam Hussein poses to the United States is enough to catapult the country into action. Bush threatens preemptive military strikes, and none of his typical allies are behind him. In fact, even Cuba has criticized this policy."

There's no truth to the rumor that the school plans to rename the publication, The Daily Idiot.