Let's check out some political stories we found this week below the fold.

Ted Takes a Stand
The Cartoon Network, operating under orders from Ted Turner, has banned the broadcast of Speedy Gonzalez cartoons, which Turner and his honchos consider an example of atavistic racial stereotyping.

Nevertheless, Speedy still may be seen on Cartoon Network Latin America where, OpinionJournal.com reports, he is hugely popular.

Lacking Horse Sense

In an action with clear freedom-of-religion implications, officials in the town of Loyal, Wisconsin, are considering an ordinance that would require the placement of diapers on horses that clop along public roadways. 

The rule takes aim at Amish locals whose modes of transport leave distinctive and unpopular forms of exhaust. But one Amish elder warns the plan could… backfire.  The waste-collection devices could spook horses and create new traffic hazards.

Foot-in-Mouth Disease?

Chuck Yob, a Republican National Committee member from Michigan and a man renowned in the Great Lakes state for colorful quotes, says he will not resign his post for saying last week that women politicians seeking statewide office ought to run for secretary of state, because, "They like that kind of work." 

Fellow Republicans have called for Yob's ouster.  No word yet on Mrs. Yob's (ph) response.

A Happy Reaper

Anaheim Angels' pitcher Kevin Appier, who makes approximately $10 million a year, will receive $4,042 this year in federal farm subsidies. 

The Southern California native owns a 270-acre farm in Kansas which he bought not out of agrarian interest, but because, "I just always thought it would be neat."