TONY SNOW, HOST:  Now let's check out some stories we found this week "below the fold." 

While most Europeans are adjusting to the demise of their accustomed national currencies in favor of the euro, some Greeks are having a difficult time taking the whole thing seriously.  That's because the plural of euro in Greek means urine. 

Clinton haters are having a field day with the recent death of the ex-president's chocolate Labrador retriever Buddy.  They're noting the president's previous pooch, Zeke, also got hit by a car during Clinton's days as governor of Arkansas.  Some sickos even have compared press releases concerning the deaths of Buddy and Vince Foster. 

In a scene Woody Allen would love, an unidentified sputtering felon froze in mid-heist this week when tellers at a Florida bank couldn't read his writing or understand his demands. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  I'm pointing a gun at you. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  That looks like "gub."  That doesn't look like "gun."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  No, it's "gun." 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  No, that's "gub."  That's a "b." 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  No.  See, that's an "n."  G-U-N.  It's "gun." 



SNOW:  When they persisted in asking what he wanted, he panicked and ran away.  Ten minutes later, armed with a more legible note, he robbed another nearby depository. 

And New Jersey next week will look a lot like a foundering South American nation.  The state will get four different governors in seven days.  Acting governor Donald DiFrancesco stays on through Tuesday. 

Then the two heads of an evenly divided Senate will try out the office.  Republican John Bennett first will move into Drumthwacket, the gubernatorial mansion in Princeton, where he'll stay for three days.  And he'll do all the governor's stuff -- signing bills, granting pardons, dispensing favors and the like. 

Then Democrat Richard Codey gets his three days before Democrat Jim McGreevey settles in full-time.  Says 72-hour man Codey, "I plan to ask former President Clinton and get advice on pardons.  And I told McGreevey, 'Don't worry, we'll clean the sheets.'"