The New York City Board of Education has ordered Beach Channel High School in Queens to remove a sign posted by the parents association featuring a flag and the declaration, "God bless America."

School board Deputy Counsel Robin Greenfield reportedly ruled that the sign, quote, "violated the first amendment requirement of the separation of church and state."

And the American Civil Liberties Union wants to prevent the town of Inglis, Florida, from blackballing Satan. The ACLU is threatening to file suit unless Mayor Carolyn Risher removes a proclamation posted at the city limits telling the evil one to stay away.

Actor James Woods, who encountered September 11 hijackers as they scoped out an earlier Boston-to-Los-Angeles flight, has this to say about terrorists: "We should wipe them off the face of the earth."

In an interview with KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, he expressed concern that world leaders might fail to, "take out" what he called "diaper heads before they do something more terrible." Woods added, "the only way to stop a terrorist is to cut his head off."

Jean Abinader of the Arab-American Institute told zap2it.com, "I think Mr. Woods is off his medication. Only a lunatic would speak like this."