Not all Democrats approve the president's handling of the war on terror.

Consider this recent letter from Tom Fina, head of Democrats Abroad:

"Our society and our government are distorted by insatiable greed coupled with imperialist delusions.... There is nothing in the... present leadership of the Republican Party to suggest ... readiness for greater compassion and greater personal commitment..."

Fina also complains about the administration's, "disregard for the interests of our allies, for our treaty obligations and for our constitutional protections for the individual."

Feminist organizations are complaining because Kentucky Judge Megan Lake Thornton has begun filing contempt charges against women who receive restraining orders against their abusive husbands, and then return to the wife-beaters.

Says Lisa Beran of the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association, "If you love someone, it's different. He may do these awful things, but you have to remember: He's also the one who rubs your back and brings you juice when you're sick and gets up with the baby half the time at night."

The Boston Globe has found one organization that made money off the Enron collapse: Harvard University. The university invested in Highfields Capital Management, which purchased so-called "put options" — which make money when stock prices fall.

A Harvard student group, HarvardWatch, says the university may have made $50 million, and notes that Herbert S. Winokur Jr., a member of the university's governing board, also sat on Enron's board and chaired its finance committee.