Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold.

Reporter Busted

Former First Lady Barbara Bush wrote the Wichita Eagle, after the paper mistakenly quoted her as boasting she'd had three breast sizes during her life.

Correcting the record Mrs. Bush wrote, "I am indeed a bosom buddy to two presidents, so I shared (with the audience) some of the things I have learned... That includes 57 years of married life, six children, 14 grandchildren, five wars, three dress sizes, two governors, two parachute jumps and now two presidents... Your article has left this generally outspoken mother speechless, but has given my children much to laugh about... I just wanted to get this off my chest."

The Birthday Boy

Saddam Hussein turned 65 on Sunday, just two days after the artistic event of the year in Baghad. Local critics raved about a play that opened Friday at the national theater. Zabibah and the King tells the tale of a young woman who is raped by American troops at the outset of the Gulf War, only to be rescued by a valiant king.

Critics noted that the king in the play is an almighty ruler acting in the best interests of his people. The drama is based on a novel whose suspected author is Saddam Hussein. By the way, in the play, the benevolent despot dies.

Rules of the Road

Australian judge Robert Hall finds himself the bete noir of his nation's fractional brie and Chablis set for comments made while sentencing Warren Watts to 150 hours of community service for assailing motorist Ronald Parry-Jones and breaking the 80-year-old driver's jaw.

Said the judge, "I have to say I'm young enough to sympathize with you. I'm often annoyed by Volvo drivers in their hats who drive more slowly than they should."