Behind the Scenes With Secretary Rice

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I didn't think I would have time to blog, but with a little planning I was able to find some time to post some pics. The pictures today were taken from our interview with Secretary Rice yesterday at the President Ronald Reagan Library.

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You can see in the pics a little of the behind the scenes: How the interview was set up, etc., and where we conducted it in the library.

We were disappointed that we missed seeing Mrs. Reagan while we were at the library. We were told that she goes to the library from time to time. She was due to arrive a short time after we left. Secretary Rice was giving a speech at the library upon invitation from Mrs. Reagan, so of course Mrs. Reagan would be there.

After the interview we drove about an hour to FOX News' L.A. bureau. I was disappointed that I missed so many of my colleagues (Adam Housley — I was told — was en route to New York City to do some hosting this weekend on FOX; Anita Vogel was dispatched to do "American Idol" coverage), but there were also many of my colleagues who I did get to see. We used the L.A. bureau as a place to prepare for last night's show, but we then did the show at another studio (not our own). We could not do the show in our bureau because all resources were sent to help with "American Idol" coverage.

As usual we are a bit short on sleep on this trip... while part of it is due to work and redeye flights, part of it is our own fault: We stayed out late Tuesday night having dinner with Pam Stevens who works at the State Department (and before that I worked with her at CNN. I have not seen Pam for more than 20 seconds in years... so I took advantage of the fact that we both were in the same city, both at the same hotel and both had to eat.)

Tonight, tune in for my interview with Ozzy Osbourne: Yes, the interview I know you have all been waiting for (don't lie!) Ozzy is an extraordinary artist — he has managed to stay on top in the music industry for decades. Whether you like his music or not, you have to take notice of the fact that he has been enormously successful for decades.

So, check out the pics!

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