Behind the Scenes With Ozzy Osbourne

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Posted today are some pictures from interviews done in the last two weeks, but never made the blog — some from our interview with Virgie Arthur and some from our interview with Ozzy Osbourne. We have aired the Virgie Arthur interview, but not the Ozzy interview. The Ozzy interview will air sometime this week. We have waited until this week since his new CD comes out today or tomorrow.

Tonight the show — assuming no surprises in the next few hours — airs from Washington, D.C. Tomorrow we will be at the Reagan Library in California. We are interviewing historian Doug Brinkley at the Reagan Library because his new book — "President Reagan's Diary" — comes out today. Mrs. Reagan personally selected Doug to go through the president's diary and edit it for a book. Doug has written extensively about presidents (he also wrote a thorough book about Katrina. Doug was living in New Orleans when she struck.) I have a copy of the new book and it is fascinating. I don't think there is anyone better at this than Doug (and yes, he is a friend.)

On Wednesday at the library we have another special interview scheduled... can you guess who? (And no, it is not Mrs. Reagan.)

I often get asked about frequent guests on our show, so here is an update: I saw Ceci Connolly over the weekend. She appeared on our show (and FOX News Channel) often during election 2004 and its run up. Ceci worked at The Washington Post in Washington, D.C. for years. She now lives in Mexico City and has been living there for about two years. Yes, she will be back living in D.C… she guessed in about three years.

Since I promise "behind the scenes," check out this e-mail that a colleague sent to all of us at the D.C. bureau yesterday from Crawford where the president was. It is background information that helps all of us do a better job. We get non-stop e-mails from colleagues at all times and at all hours. I found this e-mail particularly interesting so I figure you would, too:

E-mail from FNC's Daniela Sicuranza:

"Some trivia for you on this lovely Crawford morning....

Today's visit by NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer will be the 15th time President Bush has hosted a foreign leader at his Prairie Chapel Ranch. Below is a full list of the VIP's who've received and accepted the special invitation:

November — Russian President Vladimir Putin

April — British PM Tony Blair
April — Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah *(only leader to be invited twice, see below)
October — Chinese President Jiang

February — Spanish PM Jose Aznar
May — Japanese PM Koizumi
May — Australian PM John Howard
July — Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi

March — Mexican President Vicente Fox
November — Spanish King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia
April — Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

April — Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah
April — Israeli PM Ariel Sharon
August — Colombian President Alvaro Uribe

Note: Saudi Ambassador to the U.S., Prince Bandar was invited to ranch in August of 2002. I didn't include him the total number above since he is not a head of state."

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