Dear Viewers,

Our show has arrived in New Hampshire and, yes, it is cold....but it is exciting.  Every place you go you see candidates' signs, campaigners etc.  I was once again stunned when I arrived at the Fox "Manchester" bureau.  The place is amazing!  It is as though a major city bureau were lifted from its location and set down here.  
I promised a behind the scenes look, so here are some pictures:

#1: This picture is what you would see if the camera turned around and did not point at the set but behind it.

#2: This picture is the "Manchester newsroom."

#3: When you see our reporters outside at our "Manchester Bureau," this is where they stand.  Notice how I took the picture from inside where it is warm.  It is REALLY cold here and much snow is expected tomorrow.

#4: This is another part of the newsroom.

#5: The guy in the front part of the picture is Thom Bird, Fox News Executive Producer, News Specials & Events, pretending to work. The guy to the left in the picture is Marty Ryan, Fox News Executive Producer, Political Coverage who REALLY is working. (P.S. Thom is the one who tormented me in Iowa by putting up Eagles posters over my work space right after the Packer loss to the Eagles.)


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